Thursday, October 30, 2008

New resource for Irish research

A new data strategy to develop an online archive of Irish records has been launched, according to an article on, "Irish family history archive data strategy." An initiative of, the project will involve the uploading of Irish Wills 1536-1857 and the Irish Genealogical Guide as well as Land Records Ireland among other sources. The website's 10 million records will be online by the end of the year and quotes the Irish Genealogical Guide to emphasise the significance of the project:

"Wills being of paramount importance for the study of family and social history… the buildings of the Four Courts, Dublin, were destroyed on the 30th June, 1922… [Which] proved to be a serious set-back to genealogical research, as all the original wills deposited therein at the time were burned."

However, the records had not been lost forever as genealogists had duplicated the records, in a poignant data strategy that reinforces the importance of secure data management.

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