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Do you know something about genealogy that others would want, or need, to know? Do you have the ability to write in an understandable and interesting manner? If you do, then GenWeekly wants to hear from you. We are the online genealogical publication that caters to genealogists of every level. As such, we are always looking for potential new contributors to help us out.

So, what's in it for you? Well, in addition to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others, GenWeekly contributors get:

  1. PAID!!  You won't become a millionaire, but you will be compensated for your work.
  2. Your words read by thousands of GenWeekly subscribers!!  (If you so desire, you might even have people ask you to do research for happens all the time!)
  3. To tell all your friends and family you are a published author!!  And won't they be impressed!

It is surprisingly simple to become a GenWeekly author. If you have the desire and the knowledge, please contact us for more details:

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