Monday, January 5, 2009

U.S. "Who Do You Think You Are" closer yet?

We've heard it was in the works, but didn't know when it would air -- like the old joke, "It's coming . . . it's coming . . . ahhh . . . it's gone." Well, maybe not. Word is out, it is coming, but "in the spring," is about as specific as it gets.  According to a piece on Radar, Lisa Kudrow will feature in NBC's first episode of "Who Do You Think You Are," American style. 

The 46 year-old Friends star is making her US TV comeback by both producing and appearing in the show, which is based on the BBC version. Kudrow explained the show's premise to Parade magazine: "They (the producers) chose six people, all celebrities... and they trace our family trees and film us against those actual backgrounds." About her own very moving experience, Kudrow added: "They took me back to Belarus to find a cousin who survived the Holocaust but is dead now. . . It was not a vacation." The show -- an adaptation of the UK series is expected to air -- you guessed it . . .  in the spring.


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