Friday, January 15, 2010

Is It Time For Overseas Help? Working With a Foreign Researcher

Many of us do not have the resources or the particular expertise required to take our research abroad. Rita Marshall in her article, "Is It Time For Overseas Help? Working With a Foreign Researcher," explores the benefits of hiring and working with an overseas professional, as well as how to locate a competent researcher. Just as we are familiar with the resources in our own country, professionals in a foreign country are adept with their country's resources -- this can save you time and money, overall. Even so, as the article points out, "it's hard to know how an international genealogist will work out until he or she is tested," so it's best to start out small. Whether working with a professional locally or internationally, the basic rules apply: be prepared and communicate, communicate, communicate.

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How to Hire a Genealogist

Even the most avid and practiced researcher may find need of professional help. In her article, "How to Hire a Genealogist," Judy Rosella Edwards offers some direction for a successful relationship. As a professional, the author helps us understand what the client can expect from the professional and, almost more importantly, what the professional needs from the client in order to provide the greatest and most efficient service. Preparedness and communication is key.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

PRO TALK -- Marketing Auxiliary Genealogy Services

"Smaller genealogy budgets can inspire us to focus on smaller, more affordable projects. Genealogy research is rife with tedious tasks we'd all like to pay someone to do!" In her latest PRO TALK article, "Marketing Auxiliary Genealogy Services," Judy Rosella Edwards offers some new approaches for professional researchers.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

PRO TALK: Virtual Genealogy Presentations

Professional genealogists understand the many challenges of presenting live at conferences; issues of traveling and setup, to say nothing of the expense. In her latest PRO TALK article, "Virtual Genealogy Presentations,"Judy Rosella Edwards offers a viable alternative "without ever leaving home." The discussion covers the various technologies available and how they can be used.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fee-based Genealogy

Every genealogist has a stash of nickels, dimes and quarters. You know what they're for: copies! In her article, "Fee-based Genealogy," Judy Rosella Edwards explores the practical side of being a working genealogist with a well-run business. Aimed at the professional genealogist, the importance of spreading the cost of the most seemingly insignificant costs is examined. 


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Survival Toolbox for Professional Genealogists

Genealogy is said to be the number one hobby or past time in the United States. The desire to connect with the past is sure to continue, even in a struggling economy. In her article, "Survival Toolbox for Professional Genealogists," Judy Rosella Edwards takes a refreshing look at how professional genealogists can weather hard times.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Skilled genealogists may find new career paths

All too often people tend to limit themselves by job titles, rather than thinking in terms of skill sets. But if you take time to think about the many things you've done and the many skills you've mastered, you may find new ways of applying those skills and reinventing yourself. For example, a new service being announced may suggest a new career field for skilled genealogists. See “Growing Role for Probate Genealogists.”

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