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GenWeekly, Vol. VI, No. 50

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December 11, 2009
Elisabeth Lindsay, Editor

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by Jean Hibben. Reflecting on the holidays songs born of wartime.
by JudyRosella Edwards. Films from the 1950s offer another genealogy resource.
Recent News
  • Traditions across cultures. Even though our faiths and practices may differ, this "season of celebration" is about love and family and shared tradition.
The Genealogy Guide

In the interest of helping readers gain better insight into genealogical terms, Genealogy Today has created a Genealogy Guide. Each week, GenWeekly features a new term from the continually expanding Genealogy Guide.
A citation is a brief notation describing a source of information or quoted passage. The purpose of a citation is to acknowledge or give credit to the source and identify its location. A citation typically includes the source title, author, publisher, date and place of publication.The exact format and content of a citation may vary from one discipline or field to another, depending on the style guide used for a particular field. The Chicago Manual of Style is a good, general style guide, often used in the social sciences, which includes genealogy.
In genealogy, citations are used when documenting sources. A good citation allows others to verify the accuracy of information and can lead others to a source that may have additional information relevant to their research. Good citations are the hallmark of a good researcher. A popular reference for citing sources in genealogy is Evidence: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown Mills.
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